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From the Horse’s Mouth

by Fred: The talking Fire Horse

Hi I’m Fred, the Fire Horse, after 17 years of serving the New Bern Fire Dept., pulling steam fire equipment and hose wagons. I thought I’d be the right guy to write this blog. You can meet me at the New Bern Firemen’s Museum and I love to talk to kids and guests at the Museum about my job and fire safety.

As a way to keep my friends up to date on all the developments of the Museum, my blog will appear monthly on our website. It has been said that “Museums are places where artifacts go to die,” that has never been our museum’s reality. The Museum’s efforts has always supported an expanding role through education, outreach with innovative preservation as well as presentation of New Bern’s fire history. From the recognition of Trip Advisor awards and Preservation Society commendations, our mission has always brought our past together with honoring our current heroes New Bern’s firefighters and first responders.

Whether families with children, historical researchers or New Bern visitors we strive for excellence and provide entertaining history that make New Bern a special place to live and visit.

The Museum is planning new presentations of historical interest, expanded school programs and enhanced technology that will bring more diversity and creative programs that support our new location in the historic 1928 firehouse. I look forward to your visits and hope your participation and feedback will continue to create a fun and interesting look into New Bern’s long firefighting history.

Well so long for now. As my first blog, let me invite you to come by and visit, love to meet all my friends, and have a fun day.

Bye for now,

Fred “the talking” Fire Horse

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